Transform Your Life in Just One Day…
Sound too good to be true?

With these proven methods and supporting strategies, it’s never been easier.

To Know Yourself is To Love Yourself…

Do you even know WHO you are or WHAT you really want?

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Our Philosophy

JMM Consulting’s coaching philosophy is based on Self-Love and Leadership. Our Pause, Retreat, and Reflect Workshop is the first workshop in a two-part series that supports transformation based on Self-Love with tangible results in ONE DAY! Our second workshop, Lead Yourself to the Life of Your Dreams, teaches and coaches you to use Leadership tools and strategies to supercharge living a joyful and purpose-filled life starting NOW. These workshops are complimentary to each other, but also can be used as stand-alone transformational opportunities.

What does, Jeneen Masih, do for people?

I hold space for them… I support, protect and provide space within their schedule (or in this case on a Saturday) so they can luxuriate in who they are and by leading them in deep personal work, support them in their transformation into the best versions of themselves.

How? In our Pause, Retreat and Reflect Workshop together with Tess Denton, coach and author of Building A Powerful Vision Board and Building A Powerful Vision PLANNER, we

  1. Create time and space to comfortably Pause, Retreat, and Reflect, supporting incredibly clear, uninterrupted thinking.
  2. Use proven strategies to identify and overcome reoccurring blocks and fears
  3. Guide you in listening to your internal voice, instinct, and intuition
  4. Support you to: 1. define your personal definition of success, and 2. and to create a Life Mission Statement based on what you Like, Need, and have demonstrated talent with.
  5. Guide you in creating a Vision Board that clearly represents Your Vision. This tool is invaluable because those who can hold their Visions longest are the very first to live them.
  6. Coach to continually build a foundation that supports the 6 areas of your life: Personal, Family and Relationships, Personal Finance, Business, Health and Wellness, and Spirituality.

Participants in the workshop will leave with a clear plan for the days and year ahead. They will be supported by a complimentary monthly check-in accountability call with the transformation coaches. Participants will receive as part of their class materials, Tess Denton’s Building A Powerful Vision Board book. They will also have the opportunity to purchase her Building A Powerful Vision PLANNER. For those interested, we will share information about JMM Consulting’s different coaching programs (Group, Team, One-on-one), as well as the opportunity to attend next level workshops.

Detailed information about our second Workshop, Lead Yourself to the Life of Your Dreams, presented together with Theresa Barnabei, Coach, Creative Educator and Author of  Multiply Your Business and Flight of Your Life, will soon be available.