Johann Soas

I wanted to take a minute to let you know the significance of your coaching relationship with me….

I have always been a producing sales professional hitting goals and getting promoted on simple talent in my career that has now spanned 18 years.  Throughout the years I have always been marginally successful when taking my potential into consideration. Some of my prior leaders that I have been so lucky to have in my wake helped bring my potential to light. Living in the space of uncapitalized potential and growth never captured can become very stressful & discouraging.  With the same self-destruction techniques showing up in every element of life; personal; family; health…  You name it.

This state I am sure is one many can relate to.  I got to a point where I new that a change had to be made. This is where Jeneen’s presence in my life almost seemed destined.

I have tried therapy, self-help booked. Equipped myself with all of the knowledge anyone could attain to jump out of the rut.  Each time having marginal or temporary progress.  I have been working with Jeneen for almost a year now, and the difference has been staggering.

Being coached by a real professional that is only vested in your success is a relationship unlike any other I’ve ever had.  No therapist that tries to get you to dwell on the past, no boss that has the end result in mind.  Just a dedicated partner that buys into your definition of success and partners with you.  The level of accountability and the structured approach to your personal and professional development allows you to hit levels that you only vaguely thought of.  I have been promoted, fine tuned my personal relationships, and increased my earnings by  21%. What is even more important, is that my brand is no longer that of one with potential, but that of one actively accomplishing. The added responsibilities and simplification of my personal life are all related to the leadership and support of my coaching and the investment in myself.

On a more personal level, Jeneen is the most genuine partner I have ever had and I say partner on purpose. She is professional, but not limited to that definition.  She is a coach, but not limited to that definition.  She is also an inspiration.  None of the single definitions do the relationship justice other than that of partner.

I would recommend getting her on anyone’s team.

Johann SoasVP - Branch Manager PNCPompano Beach, FL

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