Dr. Timothy Jameson

I began coaching with Jeneen in May 2016 when I was in the planning process of opening a second chiropractic office.  I had been through a few years of soul-searching and career contemplation before that time, deciding whether to head into full-time Christian ministry or continue with my gifts with 27 years experience as a chiropractor.  It was a time of crossroads and decision making, and I realized that I needed a coach to help me become focused, help me make wise decisions, and help me take my practices to the next level of service. Well, I can say after about 4 months of coaching, Jeneen has done just that. I love that her coaching isn’t just about business. I’ve had lots of coaches who were chiropractors and it was all about the business and the profession, and that gets old really fast. I love Jeneen’s approach at the six life factors that make up who we are; personal, job/professional, family/relationships, spiritual, financial, and health/physical. She helps you fine-tune, strengthen, and constantly personally improve in these categories. We began tackling each of these areas four months ago and I’m almost shocked at the results thus far. My businesses are doing better than ever, my wife and I have a weekly date night now that we have never made time for, my finances continue to improve, I have begun writing spiritual devotionals based upon scripture and have a book in the making, and I just joined a tennis and racquet club and started playing racquetball for the first time in 20 years. Those are just a few of the changes – but the greatest change with Jeneen’s help is my ability to lead in a loving, compassionate way that directs my family, my businesses, my church, and my own personal growth. If you are considering a coach, I highly suggest you have a consultation with Jeneen and seriously consider her for an initial 12 weeks. If you go all-in, and totally play in the game, you will be astounded at the foundational shifts you will make in your being, which impacts everything you do and say. GO FOR IT!!!

Dr. Timothy JamesonChiropractorCastro Valley, CA

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