Brandy Rubel

For the last several months my co-workers and I have had the honor and privilege of working with Jeneen Masih as a transformation coach and she has helped me move mountains in my life! We began with defining the six pillars of life (personal, family/relationships, financials, business/career, health/fitness, and spiritual) and what they meant for me. She opened my eyes to seeing what is most important to me and what gets me out of bed every day. This of course, brought huge shifts for my personal life, my family/relationships, and my business.

The next big change for me happened under the financial pillar. When we first began talking about this I told Jeneen I felt very stable in this category and that together, my husband and I are very money conscious and we couldn’t possibly make any more changes. After weeks of telling this to Jeneen she encouraged me to think on a bigger level and shortly after that my husband and I had a financial talk which resulted in us saving over $500 a month!

Lastly, and most importantly Jeneen took part in my spiritual journey. I knew that I believed in God but had questions, fears, and doubts. I began to work on my connection with God, journal about these feelings, and educate myself about the questions I had. The clarity that I received from doing this was pure and exciting! God showed me signs in the weeks to follow and during week 10 of coaching with Jeneen my entire family was baptized! My confidence as a person, mother, wife, and real estate agent had all suddenly changed! With God on my side I know that anything is possible and now I can’t wait to see what this will do for me in the five remaining pillars in life! Jeneen has taught me how to work purposefully and efficiently, that it is not about the results you receive but more about the activity you put in, and that it is okay to embrace living a messy life! Thank you Jeneen for the things you have done for me and my family! You are great coach with so much patience, positivity, and care for your clients and I would recommend you to anyone looking for coaching! <3 <3

Brandy RubelThe Smith TeamPeoria, IL

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