Jeneen has amazing talent! She has a special way of guiding you through your own mind to unleash the talent within yourself. She has been a core force in the growth that I have had over the last year personally and in my career growth. My business was at a 40% decline year over year in March. By September I had closed 98% of that gap. All this was done through coaching using leverage and strategy. By keeping my core values sacred and protecting my family time I have been able to achieve these milestones without personal sacrifice which was my initial fear of the growth. The structured process of this type of coaching has worked well for me. I am able to reference back on past recorded calls to keep myself on track. I’m grateful for the time Jeneen has invested in me as well as all the tools I have learned along the way to utilize in my personal life as well as my business.

Shannon FonnerSenior Living Real Estate SpecialistGroveland, IL

I am really thankful for my time with Jeneen. I started with her a few weeks after I graduated from college, in one of the most transitional, challenging, and important times of my life. She helped me implement schedules and prioritize what really mattered in the midst of so much change, but she also pushed me to find a new found strength and passion in what I do. Having an advocate to pursue my God-given dreams without fear has opened doors for me that I wouldn’t have even seen on my own, much less pursued. Because of our work, I’ve experienced growth and joy that will continue to carry me through the changing seasons. Thank you Jeneen!

Jillian JamesonBroadway PerformerNew York, NY

I wanted to take a minute to let you know the significance of your coaching relationship with me….

I have always been a producing sales professional hitting goals and getting promoted on simple talent in my career that has now spanned 18 years.  Throughout the years I have always been marginally successful when taking my potential into consideration. Some of my prior leaders that I have been so lucky to have in my wake helped bring my potential to light. Living in the space of uncapitalized potential and growth never captured can become very stressful & discouraging.  With the same self-destruction techniques showing up in every element of life; personal; family; health…  You name it.

This state I am sure is one many can relate to.  I got to a point where I new that a change had to be made. This is where Jeneen’s presence in my life almost seemed destined.

I have tried therapy, self-help booked. Equipped myself with all of the knowledge anyone could attain to jump out of the rut.  Each time having marginal or temporary progress.  I have been working with Jeneen for almost a year now, and the difference has been staggering.

Being coached by a real professional that is only vested in your success is a relationship unlike any other I’ve ever had.  No therapist that tries to get you to dwell on the past, no boss that has the end result in mind.  Just a dedicated partner that buys into your definition of success and partners with you.  The level of accountability and the structured approach to your personal and professional development allows you to hit levels that you only vaguely thought of.  I have been promoted, fine tuned my personal relationships, and increased my earnings by  21%. What is even more important, is that my brand is no longer that of one with potential, but that of one actively accomplishing. The added responsibilities and simplification of my personal life are all related to the leadership and support of my coaching and the investment in myself.

On a more personal level, Jeneen is the most genuine partner I have ever had and I say partner on purpose. She is professional, but not limited to that definition.  She is a coach, but not limited to that definition.  She is also an inspiration.  None of the single definitions do the relationship justice other than that of partner.

I would recommend getting her on anyone’s team.

Johann SoasVP - Branch Manager PNCPompano Beach, FL

I began coaching with Jeneen Masih in 2014 and what a journey it has been. As a Real Estate professional I was tired of having the ups and downs in my business, that’s when I knew I needed help. She has been instrumental in helping me take my career and personal life to the next level. I am now doing more business and living the fulfilled life I know I deserve. Thank you so much Jeneen! My only regret was that I did not start coaching sooner!

Bryson SmithTeam Leader, The Smith TeamPeoria, IL

In just a short time, Jeneen has given me a huge amount of direction and clarity from her coaching. Her ability to connect with people and lead them to achieving goals is incredible. To have someone play such an important role in my life I couldn’t have picked anyone better or been more blessed that we were introduced. My life has completely changed on every level and looking forward to a future of success built on a strong foundation being coached by the best! Thank you, Jeneen.

Sunny RichardsonKW Global Property SpecialistFort Lauderdale, FL

For the last several months my co-workers and I have had the honor and privilege of working with Jeneen Masih as a transformation coach and she has helped me move mountains in my life! We began with defining the six pillars of life (personal, family/relationships, financials, business/career, health/fitness, and spiritual) and what they meant for me. She opened my eyes to seeing what is most important to me and what gets me out of bed every day. This of course, brought huge shifts for my personal life, my family/relationships, and my business.

The next big change for me happened under the financial pillar. When we first began talking about this I told Jeneen I felt very stable in this category and that together, my husband and I are very money conscious and we couldn’t possibly make any more changes. After weeks of telling this to Jeneen she encouraged me to think on a bigger level and shortly after that my husband and I had a financial talk which resulted in us saving over $500 a month!

Lastly, and most importantly Jeneen took part in my spiritual journey. I knew that I believed in God but had questions, fears, and doubts. I began to work on my connection with God, journal about these feelings, and educate myself about the questions I had. The clarity that I received from doing this was pure and exciting! God showed me signs in the weeks to follow and during week 10 of coaching with Jeneen my entire family was baptized! My confidence as a person, mother, wife, and real estate agent had all suddenly changed! With God on my side I know that anything is possible and now I can’t wait to see what this will do for me in the five remaining pillars in life! Jeneen has taught me how to work purposefully and efficiently, that it is not about the results you receive but more about the activity you put in, and that it is okay to embrace living a messy life! Thank you Jeneen for the things you have done for me and my family! You are great coach with so much patience, positivity, and care for your clients and I would recommend you to anyone looking for coaching! <3 <3

Brandy RubelThe Smith TeamPeoria, IL

I first met Jeneen in 2015. I had just dropped out of college, and was struggling to find a clear path for my life. Over the past year, Jeneen has coached me through several large milestones. Her advice helped me identify and focus on my goals and dreams and face the fears that prevented me from achieving them. I am now working in the offices of a large social media network and have a sense of passion and empowerment that I never thought possible. Jeneen will continue to be my advocate and friend for many years.

Michael LockAccounts Payable Analyst, AccentureAustin, TX

Jeneen has been a great coach through my career transition. Her coaching style allows me to be true to myself and provides me with the tools I need in order to succeed in all areas of my career. Jeneen has the keen ability to identify, holistically, that my career is only one aspect of my life, and she promotes the idea that balance is the key to a prosperous life. Through weekly check-in sessions, Jeneen is eager to hone in on specific elements that I can improve, and guide me through challenges that I may be facing.

Complacency is not in her vernacular, and her coaching style pushes me to go the extra mile. If you are looking for a coach who is going to help you take that next step in your life, then you’ve come to the right place!

Matthew MorrisonReal Estate Agent, KW Real Estate ProfessionalsFort Lauderdale, FL

I began coaching with Jeneen in May 2016 when I was in the planning process of opening a second chiropractic office.  I had been through a few years of soul-searching and career contemplation before that time, deciding whether to head into full-time Christian ministry or continue with my gifts with 27 years experience as a chiropractor.  It was a time of crossroads and decision making, and I realized that I needed a coach to help me become focused, help me make wise decisions, and help me take my practices to the next level of service. Well, I can say after about 4 months of coaching, Jeneen has done just that. I love that her coaching isn’t just about business. I’ve had lots of coaches who were chiropractors and it was all about the business and the profession, and that gets old really fast. I love Jeneen’s approach at the six life factors that make up who we are; personal, job/professional, family/relationships, spiritual, financial, and health/physical. She helps you fine-tune, strengthen, and constantly personally improve in these categories. We began tackling each of these areas four months ago and I’m almost shocked at the results thus far. My businesses are doing better than ever, my wife and I have a weekly date night now that we have never made time for, my finances continue to improve, I have begun writing spiritual devotionals based upon scripture and have a book in the making, and I just joined a tennis and racquet club and started playing racquetball for the first time in 20 years. Those are just a few of the changes – but the greatest change with Jeneen’s help is my ability to lead in a loving, compassionate way that directs my family, my businesses, my church, and my own personal growth. If you are considering a coach, I highly suggest you have a consultation with Jeneen and seriously consider her for an initial 12 weeks. If you go all-in, and totally play in the game, you will be astounded at the foundational shifts you will make in your being, which impacts everything you do and say. GO FOR IT!!!

Dr. Timothy JamesonChiropractorCastro Valley, CA

I thought I might take a moment to list some of the things that have started since we’ve began coaching:

  • Started going to bed on time
  • Started getting up on time
  • Database finished that I’ve been working on for 3 years
  • Desk organized
  • Car organized and cleaned
  • Home workspace organized
  • More family time
  • More quality time with my wife
  • My phone charges upstairs away from me at bedtime now
  • I track my calls
  • I track my appointments
  • I track my water intake
  • I track my sleep
  • I track my steps
  • I prospect consistently
  • I have arrived at the office no later than 850 everyday
  • I have written in a journal for the first time in my life.

I would say that coaching effects people. Feel free to share that with anyone on the fence.

Thank you for everything.

Anthony CarlyleThe Smith TeamPeoria, IL