RETREAT… to find the real you in a distant land.

Are you ready for some sand between your toes and some sunshine on your face? What would you do with time to play, explore, laugh, make new friends, and just BE? Do you even remember who you really are and the dreams you once had? This 5-day experiential retreat into the tropical paradise of Portland, Jamaica will take you back to your very roots.

By removing yourself from daily life and retreating to the Islands, you can shed your responsibilities and ease into a state of mind that allows you to breathe deeply, slow down, smile and relax. As you step off the plane you will immediately realize that you are destined for a rich adventure of the senses. By no longer needing to worry about the many details that crowded your mind only a few short hours ago, you will begin to sway to the sweet melodies of steel drums, smell rich spicy jerk chicken, and get ready for a refreshing, pineapple-garnished Planter’s Punch.

This November, Jeneen will lead you on an adventure of personal discovery and transformation. While on the island, you will challenge your assumptions and take a fresh look at what you need and want to live a joyful and purpose-filled life. With your new found clarity and passion-based energy, you will have a jump start on what’s to come in 2018.

Reach Falls, Portland, Jamaica

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