Fortunately or unfortunately,
our insides match our outsides.

As you may have read on other pages of the JMM Consulting website, my coaching philosophy is based on two things: Self-Love and Leadership. I want to share my personal “Self-Love” story with you so you have a better understanding of my journey.

Four years ago, I was a CEO of a real estate company. There I worked very hard to grow people so they could reach their personal goals and live lives that were meaningful to them. I was incredibly focused and really felt that I gave everything I had to my position and the people I worked with.

During that time, in my attempt to support others, I forgot one very important fundamental piece— I forgot to take care of myself. I was raised to be strong, was very goal driven and found joy in my position running a company and coaching its people. Slowly, over time, however, I lost balance. I became very stressed and overwhelmed. Although I had the best of intentions, with my long hours and self-imposed stress, I began to break down. I lost balance between the needs of my mind, body, and soul. To quote a popular Randy Travis song, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions,” and I had nothing but the best of intentions.

Something inside of me cried out that there was a better way.

At one point, I became very ill. So ill, in fact, that on the way back from a business trip, I went directly from the airport to my doctor’s office. After a few tests, my doctor informed me that I had hyperthyroidism and began to describe a course of treatment. I sat there in utter disbelief. I had never really been sick before in my life. Only six weeks prior I was running a half marathon. How could this be happening?

Something inside of me cried out that there was a better way. After much research, I recommitted to good self-care. I began going to bed earlier, eating better, and removing myself from some stressful situations. Within four short weeks, I returned to the doctor to find out that my numbers were once again normal. What a scare! The suggested treatment was to “kill my thyroid” and resort to taking medication for the rest of my life. That was not a good option for me. Although I am part of a medical family (my ex-husband is a physician and my daughter is a medical student), when I found myself faced with some tough decisions, I decided to go back to basics and give myself what I knew I needed.

At the end of that year, I finished the work I had set out to do, quit my job, and moved back to my community in Fort Lauderdale. Two years of intense personal work followed. In early fall of 2015, I reached out to a colleague and friend of mine, Troy Alexander, asking for support. Troy is a coach and executive with a health and wellness company. I had begun to get more serious about the programs I was developing and the coaching work I intended to do. I wanted a foundation of vibrant health that would give me the confidence and energy to get my message out! Troy guided me with personal coaching, and that part of my story is history!

In the first 8 days, I lost 5 pounds and 11 inches. In the first 30 days, I had lost 11 pounds and 20 inches. And by the end of the third month, I had lost 30 pounds and 28 inches!

It is now a year and a half later, and I have not gained the weight back and I have exactly what I was looking for— a vibrant lifestyle and confidence that keeps me growing and Living in the Realm of Possibility. What I have learned from years of coaching is that all areas of our lives are connected. Once we get a clear sense of who we are, we begin working (both consciously and sub-consciously) to bring all areas of our lives into alignment.

My programs coach to these specific areas:

  • Personal
  • Family and Relationships
  • Personal Finance
  • Business
  • Health and Wellness
  • Spirituality

Whichever area you focus on will ultimately pull the other areas into the same vision you have for yourself. People choose to kick off transformation coming from a variety of areas. What I know is that when you choose to focus on your health and wellness, you move all other areas of your life into alignment, allowing you to be the best version of you! BINGO! A tangible way to move forward— Might it be the starting point that begins your transformation story?

If you are curious about what this dynamic program could do for you both personally and professionally, click here for more information.

Last year I coached 45 people to enjoy similar results and to transform their lives by transforming themselves physically. Today I am looking for talent that is interested in living well, both physically and financially. As my business continues to grow, it is important that I work with other like-minded people who are interested in supporting others in their personal transformations. If that might be you, I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you. I invite you to schedule your Discovery Call with me.