I Have a Dream, Too.

As a transformational coach who spends most of my days supporting others live the lives of their dreams, I am often asked why it’s so important to me. Quite honestly, it’s what lights me up. I understand things about human potential that most others do not. I have a clear vision of what life could be if each of us were to live as the best versions of ourselves. By identifying your unique, divine gifts and combining them with what you love to do, you can create a solid foundation for deep, joyful living. Can you imagine being restless, just waiting for your alarm go off so you can jump out of bed and get to “it” each day? I can. And I know the dramatic turn my life took when I gave myself permission to live that way. You can too.

I have a God-given calling that utilizes my specialized skill set to uniquely support others to be the best versions of themselves. My gift is being able to see things in people that they cannot see in themselves. Through my rare combination of life experiences and education, I have developed unparalleled perspective. By coaching others to clarify their dreams and build foundations to support their callings, I am answering my call to change the world for the better. Each person I support will go forth in this world to teach others by their example how to live a new, more exciting, and more abundant life. It’s like a pebble in a pond. One small pebble causes an infinite ripple effect. It is this potential of my transformational coaching that inspires me and gives me great joy.

During my own personal transformation, I developed absolutely fool-proof, foundational habits and strategies to take your life to the next level— a life not only of success but more importantly, of significance. I went from working as a leader of various companies and non-profits to working on a world stage by launching my own company. I went from being a divorced, over-worked, single mother-of-two, to a strong and confident mother, adventure-driven business owner, and transformational coach. I travel four months of the year and enjoy the freedom of both time and money.  My relationships are more dynamic, and my daily life is more fulfilling than I ever dreamed possible. I have successfully learned how to connect my head and my heart which presents me with many more opportunities. Although my choices for myself and my life may not be what you wish for yourself, I want my life to be an example that inspires and gives you the courage you need to step into what only you can do in this world.

It is my deepest desire that you step up and step into your greatness. You are being called.  Will you answer? The potential is in you. The time is now.

Won’t you join me in changing the world for good?

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