Enjoy the Silence…

Like the popular song of the 1980s by Depeche Mode… others have pondered why we would ever really “enjoy the silence”. Even further back, our friends Simon and Garfunkel went on about “The Sound of Silence.” So honestly, in our ever face-paced world, why would we take time to allow silence, understand what the sound of silence is, or take a step further to actually enjoy it?

As a child, I grew up on a small beef farm in Western New York, not far from the beautiful shore of Lake Ontario. Then I spent a great deal of time outside with the animals. It was in a little barn that had been built in the early 1900s that I would spend countless hours alone. In the dead of winter when the wind was whistling outside the barn doors was when I remember relishing the silence. It was private (I mean, who would be ridiculous enough to come out in the cold to spend time in the barn?), safe and absolutely perfect for an active imagination like mine. I had very developed relationships with the farm animals, who were much more like friends than livestock, and I would sing original songs, write poetry, play, nap and be. Yes, that’s right, just be. I had no schedule to keep and no one to impress. It was a time when things seemed very certain and safe. Everything in my life remained a definite possibility. I was deeply satisfied, content, and joyful. My heart sang.

There were no gadgets, no pings, no automated gaming, no social pressure, nothing; absolutely nothing. Silence, and oh did I enjoy it. I was my own best friend. I listened to myself. I knew what I liked and I had a pretty good idea how to give it to myself. This sacred time so many years ago is something I have always cherished and have reflected back on countless times.

For many years I lost my way in this department. I forgot how to be comfortably alone, and quite frankly, I forgot how to enjoy the silence. What was silence anyway? Was it a lack of sound? Was is something that made me feel calm? Was it something that gave me feelings of terror because it meant, in fact that I was alone? And why had being alone become such a bad thing anyway? It had become a bad thing because I was lonely. I missed me. I had nearly forgotten who I was and I craved anything that would fill that void that allowed silence.

During the past three years, I have begun to remember who that amazing young girl was, and as a result, who I AM. Today I have manifested an amazing little space that gives me all of the things that old barn gave me so many years ago. My space today is my Love Garden. It is outdoors and full of life. Each time I spend time here (I write from this sacred space today) it is different and yet comfortably the same. I am secure here. God is here. I know who I Am here. I know what makes me happy and I make it a priority to give it to myself. You see, I have once again become worthy. I know ME. I am able to see the things I had forgotten. I am kind to myself. I listen to myself. I dream, I cry, I laugh, I smile, I nap in my hammock, I water my flowers, I photograph butterflies, lizards, and parrots… Here I am good. I know who I Am. It is here that I commune with my Creator. It is here where I am inspired and think big thoughts. It is here where all of my amazing adventures begin. It is here where I choose faith over fear and I am my very best self. And it is enough.

So I urge you. Enjoy the silence.

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