Back to the Beach!

Have you spent your life working hard, playing by all the rules, striving for the great job, beautiful home, sexy car and amazing vacations only to be left feeling lackluster? Could this really be it? All that, for this? If you feel like this you are not alone. People in droves are trying to figure it out. Is it a bad joke? Did someone change the rules and forget to tell you? It’s like someone pulled the chair out the moment before you were going to sit down. Yes, if you are like many, you feel ripped off, over-worked, over-connected/disconnected, over-stimulated, overlooked and just plain sick and tired of the rat race!

Well, it just doesn’t have to be like that. I can say this with confidence because I have found and I am living another way. But here’s the thing, it’s absolutely counter-intuitive, that’s why we didn’t figure it out sooner. I considered myself to be fairly intelligent, great with people and incredibly hard working. With those qualities in place, the return from my efforts just wasn’t enough.

So I left my job as a “successful” CEO and moved back to the beach to figure this happiness thing out once and for all. I went through a remarkable transformation that literally changed me from the inside out. It wasn’t easy, and it took a lot of focus. But once I figured it out, it really was quite simple. You see, today I am not just happy, but joyful. I live a vibrant, active lifestyle. I’m told I look younger than I did 10 years ago! I am full of energy, I have amazing friends, I live in a place I love, and I feel valued and validated.

Ironically, for all of my hard work in the past and my constant striving to feel fulfilled, I was looking in the wrong place all along. Because you see my friends, happiness is an inside job. It comes down to two things: 1. Self-love and 2. Leadership.

What I know is that each of us is a magnificently unique. We each have special gifts and were brought into this world to do amazing things. You hold all of your answers for your special life inside of you! The only question is, how do you access them and implement them in a way that supports a life of your dreams.

Fortunately, I have come up with some fool-proof strategies that you too can use to make adjustments, so that you too, can live the life of your dreams. With a few foundational habits your whole life can change, literally in a matter of weeks! And the best part, with focus on a secure foundation for your life, this happiness will be sustainable. This is what you will do!

  1. Clarity – Remember your dreams – Know yourself and determine what you need and want.
  2. Be – Actually be the person you dream of by doing the things that person does.
  3. Action – Customize a Foundational Plan to support milestones that take you to your dream.
  4. Inspiration – Learn about a healthy mental diet and what YOU need to continually move you.
  5. Accountability – Be accountable to yourself by learning to become an “objective observer”.

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