A personal interview with Jeneen Masih…


I actually had no idea that I wanted to coach! For years it had been a bit of a family joke that, “if you aren’t careful, Jeneen will put you on a program!” In all seriousness, looking back I have been involved in coaching, mentoring and leadership for as long as I can remember. As a young lawyer freshly out of law school, I worked for the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights in New York City. It was there that I led my first official team in producing and publishing In Defense of Rights: Attacks Against Lawyers and Judges in 1991. The passion I feel when I assemble a talented team and lead them to leverage their talents to produce wildly successful, and many times unexpected results is exhilarating. By working with people in a team atmosphere I see time and time again, that one plus one equals much, much more that two. It’s pure magic.


I officially launched JMM Consulting in July 2014. After moving back to south Florida in December of 2013, it was my intention to build and lead a luxury real estate sales team. After arriving and quickly becoming licensed my heart pulled me in a different direction. Although I will always have a love for all things real estate, I began to get requests from professionals I had worked with in the past asking me to coach them. After resisting for a few months I decided to dip my toe in the pool and begin with a few private clients. With a great deal of support from Theresa Barnabei, author, coach and creative educator, I began developing the customized coaching platform my clients enjoy today.

JMM Consulting is in an exciting growth phase. I anticipate rolling out fresh new programs that will fit the needs of those serious about going from good to great and living their best lives starting NOW!


Absolutely! My first experience with a professional coach was when I was servicing as CEO/Team Leader for Keller Williams. I had a coach that I coached with for an hour once a week. I was blown away to say the least. Aside from continuing legal education and continuing education for my real estate license, I had not done any professionally supported personal or professional development. To be quite honest, I did not know it existed.

Following my time with Keller Williams, I have engaged in a variety of coaching options. This year I have worked with two different professional coaches in addition to reading, studying, and attending conferences. The bottom line is, we all need strategies, perspective, and accountability to support our growth. Knowing what I know now, I will always be working with a coach to help me see and achieve what may be just beyond my reach.


My formal education and professional and personal experience provide me with a great platform to coach. I earned a BA in International Relations from The College of Wooster in Wooster, OH, as well as law degrees from Case Western Reserve School of Law (J.D.), Cleveland, OH and University of Miami School of Law (LL.M.), Miami, FL. My degree in International Relations trained me to always challenge my assumptions by considering people and events through different cultural lenses making me keenly observant of subtle details. Law school trained me to think both logically and creatively. I am able to use this rich skill set when masterminding with my clients in supporting them in putting customized plans into place to reach their unique and exciting goals.

Additionally, I have successfully recruited, trained, led, and motivated individuals and teams to high levels of success throughout my career. Some of my professional experience includes:  CEO (Keller Williams), executive director (Habitat for Humanity), and owner of my own companies (Not Your Average Joe Coffee House and JMM Consulting). I have a keen eye for talent and connect deeply and easily with people. Beyond that, I am a very good listener. By truly seeing my clients and mirroring to them what I see, they can achieve a clarity that allows them to make impactful decisions for themselves based on what they truly need and want.

Lastly, I am a proud mother of two very successful young women. I do not list this as an accomplishment, but rather as evidence of the training and breath of experience I received on this amazing journey. My oldest is currently a second-year medical student at the University of Miami School of Medicine, and my youngest is a senior at New York University. Both continue to challenge and grow me daily. I am grateful for this very rich part of my life.


I provide formal coaching programs as outlined on my Coaching page. Additionally, I am always open to opportunities to collaborate with other professionals and/or create customized opportunities based on the needs of individuals, companies or organizations.

I am also available to speak on a variety of topics for large and small groups alike.


My coaching is dream driven. I do not see our lives as being divided into professional and personal, but rather one big, beautiful, joy-filled life. By removing the artificially imposed barriers we have grown accustomed to and streamlining who we are and how we show up, we have a lot more energy to truly BE the person we were born to BE. I coach people to be the very best versions of themselves.

My coaching is based on two things: Self-love and Leadership. Self-love begins with really becoming acquainted with yourself. Knowing your likes and dislikes, as well as understanding your unique divine gifts allows you the powerful perspective of seeing yourself clearly, so that you can determine how you best fit into this incredible world we live in. It is here, the place where we connect with others, that Leadership becomes paramount to living a joy-filled life. How well do you know yourself?

By skillfully leading my clients through some effective exercises, we work together to create a strong foundation to support them in transforming their lives FAST! When we begin to understand our personal power and the ease in which fundamental, sustainable change can occur, it is possible to live richer lives NOW.

You see, my divine gift is connecting easily and deeply with people. I listen intently to what my clients desire as outcomes, and I assist them in creating a customized plan that is clear, simple, and manageable. I have a system that easily moves them forward as I share success strategies that they will master and use long after we stop coaching together. I get great joy from supporting people to live their best lives. Ultimately, I base my success on the success of my clients. I invest myself in both their journey and their sought after outcomes.


That’s a very good and important question. My business model is one of continued curiosity-based learning that is supported by extensive travel and interactions with people all over the world. Immersion-based travel challenges all of our basic assumptions. From the moment you board a plane to a new land, absolutely everything changes. Immediately you realize that many of those sitting on the plane surrounding you do not look or sound like you— and more importantly, you later discover that they don’t think the way you do. Now, I am not saying that as people we do not share important cross-cultural common threads, but be prepared to experience everything you thought you knew with a totally different twist! This leads to fast-paced personal growth. I continuously coach when I travel which allows me to bring new perspective to both my travel experiences and my coaching. Some of my most inspired coaching happens when I am on the road. I encourage everyone to challenge their assumptions and Live in the Realm of Possibilities!


I am a water lover and an active participant in the Blue Mind Movement. This phenomenon grew out of concepts shared in New York Times Best Seller, Blue Mind, by Wallace J. Nichols. In this book, the author, a marine biologist, along with neuroscientists examine why exactly we are happier, healthier and more creative when we are on, in or by the water. The findings support what we each instinctually knew all along. I, too, believe that our environment, and most especially the water, changes the way we think and feel. Because of this, I incorporate these principles in my coaching by encouraging regular retreats to the water.

On the water, I enjoy swimming, beach combing, snorkeling, scuba, sailing, and vegging out at the shore! My favorite places to explore, both near or far, are the coasts. It is my dream to own my own sailboat. I am also actively looking for a coastal property to develop a retreat center.

I enjoy photography, reading, tropical gardening, cooking, listening to all types of music, entertaining, and when possible spending time on the shore with my amazing Peruvian surfer boyfriend. My favorite color is BLUE!

I really love people and I look forward to connecting with YOU!